Album of emails in case you want to read, it’s actually pretty funny just how unhelpful they are:

Album of emails in case you want to read, it’s actually pretty funny just how unhelpful they are:

I called 3 times. I gave her as much information as she could understand to make sure they understood the problem, since they refuse to let you talk to or email a supervisor or the Promotions team directly.

Didn’t hear anything, as usual, so I called again November 6, 24 minutes on the phone and the guy told me to just monitor my account messages and there was nothing to be done. There was a ton of static on the line so I couldn’t really contest anything since I could barely hear him. Finally, on November 9, they send me an account message that just says it’s correct, with no further explanation whatsoever:

First time, November 2, 55 minutes on the phone with someone who didn’t understand the way the bonus worked, and eventually said she would need to escalate it to the Promotions team and I should hear within 24-48 hours

I called a final time on November 11 and it took 39 minutes, again trying to explain the problem to some guy who didn’t really understand, and at the end he told me he needed to investigate further and potentially talk to another department, and would send me an update by the end of the night. Refused to let me talk to any supervisor again, and I told him that I was fed up, that I’ve seen this routine before, and that if his “update” was just that he had investigated and found that the account was correctly adjusted, with no further explanation, I would stop playing on the site and withdraw all my money. If the update was that he needed to escalate it to the Promotions team or anyone else, I was going to give it 48 hours to hear from them, and if I didn’t get an ACTUAL EXPLANATION of why my math is wrong, I would stop playing on the site and withdraw my money. He said he understood, and here’s the update he sent me later that night:

Please spend my 500 dollars on something cool

I actually really like playing on Ignition, but I obviously can’t play on the site after this experience. Even if I give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re not up to anything malicious by underpaying the welcome bonus, if they mess up by 40% on paying a bonus, how can I have faith in their technical ability to implement any of the much more complicated functions a poker site needs, like randomness or security? Especially when it’s so difficult to get them to take any feedback seriously and escalate it to the right people.

Of course I’m happy to answer any questions about any of this, and I actually have screenshots of all the bonus payments I received in the time the bonus was active if people want to see that, just didn’t bother posting them because this is long enough anyway.

If anyone else who was tracking hands when they first started playing on Ignition with the Poker $2 minimum deposit casino Welcome Bonus, I’d love for you to chime in with how much rake you paid in the 30 day period, and how much of the bonus you unlocked if you can still find that information. I actually remember searching 2p2 and other poker forums before I deposited because I was trying to estimate how many hands and how many hours of 2-tabling 50NL Zone I would need to play to clear the bonus, and I read multiple posts where people said they were multi-tabling 8 hours per day and couldn’t come close to clearing the whole bonus, which seemed strange to me since I was able to comfortably play enough hands while having a full time job and taking a bunch of days off completely. I guess it makes more sense if you’re only earning 60% of what you should be. I find it tough to believe that I am an isolated incident, so again, it would be great if anyone else who claimed the welcome bonus could confirm/deny that this happened to them too. And if you’re considering signing up and claiming it . uh, normally I’d tell you to just make sure you’re being paid the correct amount, but obviously that didn’t work for me, so I guess I’d have to recommend finding another site to play on unless you’re okay with being stiffed on the welcome bonus.

Here are the cliff notes on the communication regarding the bonus problem. Almost every email contradicted the one before it. It took from October 6 until October 13 for them to finally make a manual adjustment to the amount of the bonus I had unlocked, and that adjustment actually seemed to bring the number close to the correct amount. But after that, it continued to accrue slower than it should have, and the Ignition Miles were not consistent with the amount of rake I had paid. On ount of rake I had paid on the site, and they told me it would take 24-48 hours (their favorite time estimate to give and subsequently miss) to calculate the amount of rake I’d paid. By October 19, I still had not heard back from them, I pinged them again, and after that they essentially refused to talk to me, answering every email with “I see that we have already helped you with this issue”. Absolutely made my blood boil, and eventually they told me to call if I needed further assistance.